Aquatic Ecosystem Services in a Changing World


Integrated modelling of the consequences of terrestrial activities and climate change for aquatic biodiversity and ecosystem services

Key output

Integrated decision support tool for management of marine and freshwater ecosystems taking account of ecological, social and cultural impacts of key pressures and providing information on potential management interventions.

Kosterhavet, Sweden

Land2Sea aims to improve the management of natural aquatic resources using a combination of empirical research, expert opinion and integrated modelling to develop a comprehensive framework for assessing the consequences of human activities on water quality and biodiversity.   

Tideelbe, Germany

Bringing together a multidisciplinary team of aquatic ecologists, ecosystem modellers, socio-cultural researchers and economists from Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Canada and the USA. ​

Case studies

Four case studies located in Ireland, Germany, Sweden and Canada allow researchers to explore the impacts of change across a range of natural and socio-economic contexts


Formed under a joint call of the Belmont Forum, Biodiversa and the European Commission (2019 – 2021), Land2Sea partners also receive support locally from a range of national funding agencies​  

Kosterhavet, Sweden
Tideelbe, Germany